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Allied Irish Bank transforms their customer response time from weeks to minutes and improving customer satisfaction

Before their Digital Transformation journey, Allied Irish Bank processed customer requests through an internal postal service which dramatically delayed their customer response time. Within a competitive industry, Allied Irish Bank is always striving to increase customer satisfaction. To address this, they implemented the Tungsten Intelligent Automation Platform, automating over 200 key customer-related processes, whilst improving the customer experience through Tungsten Mobile  Capture and Tungsten Web Capture to ensure all submitted documents are correct, from the start of the transaction.

  • Modernized AIB’s operations allowing them their employees to work smarter and faster
  • Drastically reduced AIB’s Customer SLAs from weeks and hours to minutes and seconds
  • Tungsten Automation provided real time customer feedback on document upload which saved AIB employees and customers time

Real time

Instant Customer Feedback

Minutes or Seconds

To process customer requests

Allied Irish Bank Logo
By implementing Tungsten Automation technology, we can capture faster, give real time feedback, process customer request in minutes or seconds and that all leads to a much happier customer
Owen Logan
Technology Domain Lead, Allied Irish Bank

Meet Allied Irish Bank

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) operate over 200 branches and nearly 10,000 employees across the Republic of Ireland. They offer a full range of personal, business, and corporate banking services, pensions and insurance for their customers.

Allied Irish Bank