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READDY Helps Energy Providers Deliver a Frictionless Switching Process


Accurate Data Even from Low-Quality Images


Salespeople to Spend More Time Talking to Customers


The Customer Experience, Incentivizing Conversion

In countries across Europe, multiple energy suppliers compete for residential power and gas consumers. To make it easy for suppliers to show consumers how much they could save by switching, READDY uses Kofax OmniPage Server to support a mobile app that scans and extracts the key information from customers’ existing bills and generates quotes automatically

“Kofax OmniPage Server is a very mature product with robust, reliable, dependable OCR features. As a startup, we appreciate having a partner with that kind of experience.”
Malte Kalkoffen
Founder and CEO, READDY


Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, READDY helps energy companies to make it fast and frictionless to deliver quotes to prospective customers. By scanning a bill from a customer’s existing energy supplier, READDY’s service automatically extracts the key information required for a quote—reducing manual effort for the customer.


Kofax OmniPage® Server


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Customer Experience
Automated Quote Generation