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Unlocking Efficiency in TotalAgility 8 with Cloud-Based Extraction Models

In today's fast-paced digital environment, efficient document processing is more critical than ever. Central to addressing this need are intelligent document libraries with pre-trained extraction models, offering increasingly advanced capabilities that transform the manual and time-consuming task of extracting crucial information from common documents into a swift, automated process. Let's explore how these libraries and how Tungsten Automation is changing the game.

Integrated Cloud-based Document Library in TotalAgility

We previously announced our latest release, TotalAgility 8, and all the great advancements we’ve added with generative AI. Not to be forgotten is this release is the integrated cloud-based document library. This library serves as a centralized repository containing hundreds of pre-trained extraction models tailored for common document types across various industries – ranging from bank statements and utility bills to paystubs, tax forms and more -- ready to seamlessly incorporate into your existing workflows. These models can be customized with your unique business insights, creating a solution that’s both powerful and personalized, all while avoiding the time-consuming task of developing new models.

The document library is dynamically updated with new models—such as those for IDs, passports, and shipping documents—on an agile basis, ensuring you always have access to the most current tools. We've taken pragmatic steps to ensure the utmost data security, allowing businesses to use these models with confidence.These features provide businesses with instant access to pre-trained extraction models, significantly streamlining document processing to an unprecedented level of ease and efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

The Power of Pre-Trained Models

The integration of the document library in TotalAgility 8 offers compelling and substantial benefits for workflow enhancements to critical business processes:

  • Rapid Deployment: Gain a competitive edge with immediate access to out-of-the-box models, enabling automatic field population and reduced setup time.
  • Workforce Optimization: Boost efficiency and productivity by relieving your staff from repetitive development tasks, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Effortless Integration: The ease of dragging and dropping these models into your workflows makes advanced data extraction accessible to users at all skill levels.
  • Data Precision: Achieve the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in your data processing, essential for informed decision-making and superior customer service.
  • Continuous Innovation: Stay at the forefront of your industry with access to a regularly updated collection of pre-trained models suitable for a wide range of document types and sectors.

Save time, Create More Value

With TotalAgility 8 and the integrated Cloud-based Document Library, businesses gain incremental value by bypassing the time-consuming process of creating their own models from scratch. Instead, they can now enjoy the simplicity and power of pre-trained extraction models, with the added option to customize and enhance these models to their preference. This not only saves significant time and resources but also accelerates the delivery of value to customers, reduces the total cost of ownership, and allows a greater focus on outcomes. Just one more reason to move to TotalAgility 8.

Discover more about how TotalAgility 8 can transform your document processing by registering for our upcoming webinar: Unveiling TotalAgility 8: How to Become More Agile, Insightful & Action-Oriented with Generative AI.

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