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Tungsten Power PDF wins TrustRadius most loved award

February 24, 2023

We're kicking off 2023 with a celebration as Tungsten Power PDF earns an-other accolade. This time, we're proud to be one of 100 products to earn the "most loved" award on trustradius. With over 29,000 products con-sidered for these awards, it's an honor to make the grade—all thanks to how users respond positively to their experience with Power PDF soft-ware.

TrustRadius is an online review platform focusing on technology with a core mission centered on providing real reviews from real, verified users of a particular technology. With the goal of reducing bias in reviews and making it simpler for consumers to make smart, fully-informed decisions about their purchases, trustradius aims to restore confidence for shop-pers online. Periodically, the site analyzes reviews and recognizes soft-ware and developers that stand out from the crowd.

TrustRadius 2023 Most Loved

What are the most loved awards by TrustRadius?

The latest award handed out by TrustRadius, the "most loved" badge, is just what it sounds like—it's an award for the software that earned the most mentions of "love" in reviews over the last year. Using special pro-prietary formulas for analyzing every review across all 29,000 products currently listed on trustradius, the site looked for signs to indicate when users felt particularly positive feelings for a product.

These included aptly named metrics such as:

  • LoveCount, to determine how many times a review mentions "love" or a related word.
  • LoveDensity, to assess how much the review discusses those posi-tive feelings relevant to other attributes.
  • LovePercentile, to see where these metrics rank a review against all other reviews on the site.

After crunching the numbers, Power PDF earned the most loved badge among 99 leading products.

Why users love Power PDF so much

What makes this PDF editor so different that it inspires users to leave re-views about how much they love using it? A quick look at some of the most popular features and aspects of Power PDF answers that question:

  • Fully-featured. Many users love that Power PDF comes with a complete suite of PDF creation, editing, and conversion tools. Swapping between formats is seamless and fast, while editing and changing PDFs is simple, too. Power PDF even includes real-time collaboration abilities so business users can work together from anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced security. Power PDF helps keep your documents safe and secure, even in regulated industries where data manage-ment is paramount.
  • Ease of use. Many of our reviews indicate that Power PDF is in-credibly simple to learn and use. With a familiar user interface and a gentle learning curve, adapting to this editor happens quickly.
  • Cost-effectiveness. With one-time licensing options available, ac-quiring Power PDF is much more cost-effective when compared to competing solutions.

See how easy it is to fall in love with better PDF editing

Is Power PDF the right choice for you? Explore why trustradius reviewers love it so much or see the differences for yourself with a firsthand expe-rience. Use our free trial of Power PDF today and explore the features that make us one of the "most loved" options out there in 2023.

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