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Convert PPT to PDF in 5 Simple Steps - Kofax Power PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint has been a mainstay in the business software community practically since its initial release. As one of the most convenient solutions for creating presentations and slideshows, PowerPoint provides many opportunities for business users to communicate complex and dense information in a more easily digestible way. However, PowerPoint files are only useful within contexts that allow for their use as a presentation aid. In other scenarios, this filetype is not as useful, and it may even be a hindrance without the right tools.

In these cases, you will need a solution to convert PPT to PDF—and Kofax Power PDF is the perfect tool for the job. Take a moment to think about when you might need to know how to save a PowerPoint as a PDF, then learn how to use Power PDF to make the conversion process quick and trouble-free.

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Why Convert PowerPoint to PDF?

Although you may not think about the need to use a different format while working within PowerPoint, there are several occasions when the functionality is handy. When you can swap from PPT to PDF, you can:

  • Allow users on machines without PowerPoint to open and view the presentation and to review the information that it contains.
  • Create a document with each slide as a page, making the text larger and easier to read than its display as a PPT presentation.
  • Make an easily-printable copy of a presentation for distribution or use within other contexts.

Using Power PDF to Make Conversions Easy

Completing a file conversion using Power PDF is so uncomplicated that it takes only a few steps to explain. When you need to use a PPT to PDF converter, all you need to do is follow these steps with our PDF editor installed:

  1. Launch PowerPoint.
  2. Navigate to the Print pane.
  3. Select Power PDF as your printer, then press Print.
  4. Enter a new name for your converted file. This process works with both regular PPT and PPTX to PDF.
  5. Press save.

You're finished—you’ve transitioned from PPT to PDF. Now, you have a brand-new PDF copy of the presentation in the destination folder that you selected. The process is virtually the same when you want to know how to save PowerPoint as a PDF on your Mac. If you’d like to learn how to save a PPT as a PDF with notes, simply change the “Slides” setting to “Notes” on the Print pane.

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What If You Need to Make Changes Later?

In some cases, you may want to edit the document or make other changes after you save a PPT as PDF. With Power PDF, you can convert back into an editable format, such as Microsoft Word. You could also convert the PDF to PowerPoint format again.

Keep in mind that doing so will not restore previous animations or custom design elements that you added in PowerPoint. Those elements undergo a necessary removal during the conversion process.

Access an Affordable Way to Convert PowerPoint to PDF

With a simple solution for moving back and forth between formats such as PowerPoint and PDF, you and your team can access workflows that are less of a hassle every day with easy pathways for learning how to save PPT as PDF. Whether you need to create a hard copy version of a presentation that's easy to read, or you have another purpose in mind, Power PDF's built-in conversion capabilities provide routine utility.

Combined with a raft of other features that make using PDFs simpler and more cost-effective, Power PDF is an essential tool for your business. Take a free trial of Power PDF today.

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We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you