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The game changer: Generative AI that empowers you

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Think you know the full potential of AI? Think again.

Access this action-packed Tungsten Automation virtual event as we reveal a whole new world of possibilities by tapping into the power of generative AI.

Increased productivity and deeper insights are just the start for how generative AI can empower you.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Real world impact: Simjees Abraham, Head of Global Automation & Digitalization at DB Schenker, shares their journey with Gen AI.
  • Easy automation: How to build powerful automation solutions without needing to code.
  • Hidden insights: Use generative AI to unlock insights from your data you didn't even know were there.
  • Early preview: Be among the first to see Tungsten Automation innovative generative AI solutions.

You'll get an actionable blueprint, strategic frameworks, and the confidence to accelerate your AI revolution. This is your chance to get the inside track on AI that takes your organization to the next level!

Register to access these sessions today:

Redefining boundaries: How Gen AI revolutionizes business and work

Generative AI promises to radically transform enterprises and redefine work across industries. Examine the exploding market potential for generative AI across industries and use cases. Gain insights into the factors driving rapid enterprise adoption and hear Tungsten Automation vision for integrating generative AI into solutions that empower organizations.



The AI balancing act: A first look at advancing and protecting business

How are macro trends around generative AI affecting work today? Dive into use cases by industry that showcase Gen AI's impact. Hear from DB Schenker's Simjees Abraham, on readying their organization for generative AI and balancing benefits and risks while prioritizing security and compliance. Learn the top questions to ask yourself as you get started on your Gen AI journey.



Gen AI + Intelligent automation: A deep dive

Get practical steps to harness AI-powered automation for better decision-making and operational efficiency. Discover Tungsten Automation roadmap for Gen AI, focusing on intelligent automation and data-driven business insights to elevate developer productivity. Leave with actionable steps to integrate these advancements into your workflows.


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