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What Does Digital Mailroom Success Look Like?

In our previous post on digital mailrooms, we dove into the top five benefits of a solution. We showed how your organization could take advantage of automating the collection, extraction, classification and validation of incoming information. To reap those benefits, however, companies must choose a digital mailroom solution equipped with powerful and innovative intelligent automation technology.

Exactly what automation technologies are required to take your mailroom from slow and manual to speedy and smart? We lay it all out for you here. We also have a few success stories from real Kofax customers to demonstrate the definitive gains to be had from taking the digital leap.

Behind the Scenes: Intelligent Automation Technology

Digital mailroom automation software is powered by intelligent automation technology, specifically document intelligence, connected systems, process orchestration and robotic process automation (RPA).

The modern mailroom, when connected to a citizen developer, can automatically route mail to employees securely, manage return mail more effectively and deliver transactional data to the line of business.

Low-code platforms empower citizen developers—allowing iteration and bypassing long IT development queues—and deliver a truly “unified platform” to orchestrate all processes. This is in contrast to stopping at each step while the organization buys additional features from another vendor to take paper or digital documents to be normalized and consumed further down the process chain.

Document intelligence uses cognitive capture and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to convert unstructured data into structured data assets. Embedded AI such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, mobile capture and low-code development capabilities streamlines document processing in both the front and back office. From loan applications to sales order processing and contract management, document intelligence is powering digital mailrooms (and digital transformation) across the enterprise.

Furthermore, data from incoming mail often needs to be updated in multiple enterprise applications. A solution that allows companies to integrate with existing applications, software and databases makes it possible to leverage data securely and accelerate the automation process. Low-code features and pre-built connectors empower citizen developers to play a role in the automation process, further speeding up initiatives and maximizing efficiency gains.

Process orchestration transforms workflows. Organizations can increase workforce capacity without adding headcount. Human workers, freed from manual tasks, can focus on work that adds value and improves the customer experience. The entire customer journey becomes simpler and more powerful.

RPA automates manual, time-consuming tasks and streamlines workflows and system integrations. Companies benefit from a truly end-to-end solution that extends automation across the business.

Real Results: Two Digital Mailroom Superstars

Kelag is an energy company that receives large volumes of mail, including 60,000 invoices each year. Much of this comes in the form of paper, and the company had been using a traditional mailroom to make deliveries twice per day. This slow and costly approach prompted the move to a digital mailroom from Kofax. Now, documents are immediately scanned and forwarded, arriving hours earlier than before. It used to take two days for mail sent to the branches to arrive at the company’s headquarters for processing. Now it happens instantaneously. The company is also saving 30 minutes per day on processing invoices and returns.

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) provides outsourced business process management services. Many of their clients were in the midst of digital transformation, but smaller departments and processes were often left out of the effort. SPS wanted to offer customers a way to take that first step toward electronic documents. A digital mailroom solution from Kofax is now helping SPS’ customers progress in their digital transformation. They can access digital mailroom services through a desktop portal, transforming a physical mailroom into a digital information hub. As a result, they’re realizing numerous benefits, including lower processing times and operating costs, higher productivity and improved audit compliance.

In our digital mailroom series, we’ve made it a point to deliver. We’ve discussed, in detail, why companies should switch to a digital mailroom, what a proper solution looks like and how real success was achieved. Now it’s time for you to reach out. Learn how to create the mailroom of the future, so you can Work Like Tomorrow™—today.


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