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Take Control of Your Document-Intensive Processes

Kofax RPA with Cognitive Document Automation (CDA)

RPA with CDA: Better Together

Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) is the link between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and true Intelligent Automation (IA). Adding this powerful capability to your RPA program will empower your business to automate all of its data- and document-centric tasks with a single solution, helping you boost your automation productivity and solve your most pressing business problems faster than ever.

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CDA Powers Next-gen RPA

Kofax RPA with built-in CDA technology uses machine learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (Intelligent OCR) to empower your robots to do the heavy lifting of reading, understanding, classifying, extracting and learning documents.

Conquer Unstructured Documents

Capture documents from any channel such as mobile, web, email, fax, and MFP, and extract data from any document including emails, PDFs, faxes, Office files, scanned documents and more.


Build Smarter Robots

Empower your digital workforce to do the heavy lifting of reviewing and understanding documents, identifying key elements inside, and then making cognitive decisions that trigger workflow actions.


Achieve End-to-End Automation

Rise above simple task management to automate high-value decision-making tasks inside larger automation projects, and free your human talent to focus on customers.

Launch your free trial of Kofax RPA with integrated CDA now.

RPA does the repetitive "hand work" and CDA does the intelligent "head work"

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Head Work = CDA, Hand Work = RPA

Where Can You Use RPA + CDA

Launch your free trial of Kofax RPA with integrated CDA now.

Let CDA Supercharge Your Automation Program

  • Increase document and data handling productivity
  • Reduce operations costs
  • Enhance data quality
  • Improve compliance
  • Speed customer engagement
  • Minimize cost of ownership

Watch Intelligent Robots use CDA to Automate Complex Tasks

See first-hand how RPA with CDA can dramatically reduce human work effort and streamline task automation with intelligent robots that review documents and make cognitive decisions.