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Reverse Page Order in a PDF in 3 Simple Steps

The PDF's utility in business isn't limited to the digital realm. In many cases, PDFs are essential for print operations, such as assembling a new sales brochure, creating printouts of a quarterly report, or putting together a pitch deck. Although you can enjoy a wide range of functions from e-signatures to encryption with PDFs as electronic tools, there are still many cases in which you will need to print a PDF.

When you need to print large documents, the typical way that printers function can work against an office team. The first pages come out first—and that means collating your documents can become tedious. With Tungsten Power PDF, it's easy to change the page order of a PDF so that you can print and organize your documents according to your preferences.

See how to do it in this powerful PDF editor if you follow the steps below.

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Re-Ordering Documents Is Easy with Power PDF

Manipulating page order is one the most common tasks that users face when working on PDFs. That's why we've made it easy to handle this process in just a few steps:

  • Open the PDF that you need to re-order.
  • From the "Home" tab, select Document Assembly.
  • All the pages in the PDF will appear as thumbnails. Drag and drop the pages you want to reorder from the end of the document to the front.
  • Exit document assembly, and save your re-ordered document as a copy or replace the original.

If you'd prefer to preserve the current ordering of your PDF on your Mac or PC but need to ensure that printed versions collate easily, there is another option to do so that is just as fast and easy.

Reversing Page Order for Printing Procedures in 3 Simple Steps

You don't have to manually reorder pages to print them in the reverse order. Instead, just follow this quick guide once you've put the finishing touches on your document and it's ready for printing:

  • Select the File button, or press Ctrl+P on Windows or Cmd+P on macOS.
  • Under "Print Range," check the box that says "Reverse Pages." Power PDF automatically reverses all pages for printing without changing the document itself.
  • Set your other printer settings, then print as usual.

Your document will now print from the last page to the first page, leaving a neat stack collated for your convenience in the printer tray.

Powerful Functionality at the Right Price

Unlike other PDF editing products from companies such as Adobe, Power PDF is powerful business software that doesn't come with a prohibitive price tag or contractual lock-in. With licensing options that reflect a savings of nearly two-thirds over Adobe in just three years, you can equip your business with a better way to create, edit, print, and merge PDF files.

Explore all of Power PDF's features, including intuitive document assembly tools and powerful printing options: download and begin your free 15-day trial. Ready to discuss your options? Request a quote for your business today.

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We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you