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Create PDF Files easily with Power PDF

Enjoy the Simplest Way to Create PDF Files with Kofax Power PDF

PDFs are easily among the most common files that businesses use today. Whether you’re scanning in documents, preparing to print in large quantities, or simply seeking an effective way to store them for later access, PDFs are a highly flexible and uniform way to store your information.

With Kofax Power PDF, you can create and edit as easily as any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. You can even take attachments and emails from Outlook and generate PDFs at the click of a button. Your team will be impressed by how seamlessly you integrate Power PDF into your existing operations. Below, we review the process that your team can use with Power PDF to create PDFs from any other file format.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating PDFs with Power PDF

Kofax designed Power PDF with an eye for convenience and integration. We’ve ensured that your team can easily take advantage of Power PDF’s most common features. In fact, you won’t even need to exit the programs that you currently use to create and edit text files or spreadsheets. Follow the simple steps below to create PDFs from nearly any document.

  1. Once you finish working on the document in Microsoft Office (using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), click the Power PDF ribbon that’s integrated into the Microsoft application.
  2. Click the “Create PDF” button to open the Create Assistant.
  3. Select your desired location and save your new PDF file.

It’s as easy as that. You can then open Power PDF to make subsequent edits directly in your PDFs or combine PDFs to seamlessly unite spreadsheets and text files.

How Power PDF Can Help Your Business Simplify Workflow when Creating PDFs

Consider several situations in which Power PDF can save you time. You can multiply those savings by the number of employees you have and how frequently they interact with PDFs to get an idea of exactly how useful Power PDF will be for your business.

  • Power PDF integrates directly into the ribbon in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. As your team assembles spreadsheets to present at the next staff meeting or puts together text overviews of client expectations, they can produce attachment-ready PDFs in an instant.
  • Power PDF interacts directly with your scanner or multi-function printer (MFP) to generate PDF files with a single click. You can search through or edit these PDFs as you see fit or keep them as-is.
  • As your deadlines draw nearer, Power PDF’s seamless integration helps your team to remain focused on content creation. As they produce and edit documents in Office, team members can instantly create PDFs before moving on to the next project.

It’s easier than ever to create high-quality PDFs starting from any file format. By licensing Power PDF for your team members, you empower them to become more efficient individually and to combine their efforts by collaborating on documents using a secure cloud that the software can integrate with. Improve your workflow by incorporating Power PDF into the systems that you already use to produce your documents.

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We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you