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How to Add Watermarks to a PDF Document

The business world involves heaps of paperwork that your office sends out to clients, partners, and other affiliates. Some documents may be unique to your organization and contain essential intellectual property. Apart from password protecting your PDF files, you’re probably wondering how you could add a degree of security? The answer is simple with Tungsten Power PDF since the software allows you to include watermarks in a document.

A watermark is a text or image that you can place under or in front of the content in a PDF file. You can control the font, color, position, size, and angle of the watermark, including the visibility of the text or image in the document.

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Steps to Add Watermarks to a PDF Document

While it may seem to be a complex task, adding a watermark to your document is pretty straightforward with Power PDF, and you can complete it in a few steps.

  1. Click on the preceding tool to display the watermark panel or right-click on a space in the panel bar to select the tool. Click on ‘create’, which brings up the ‘Create Watermark’ dialogue box. You can then customize the appearance of the watermark before adding a title in the Title box.
  2. In the ‘Type’ list, you’ll need to select either ‘Text’, ‘Image’, or ‘Composite’.
    • Text: Type the text for the Watermark in the text field under ‘Properties’ and select to insert ‘Macros’ such as Date/Time or Page Number amongst others. Here, you can customize the text appearance and ‘Position’ the watermark accurately. Remember that cross-facing watermarks will feature on two facing pages.
    • Image: Use the next panel to browse your computer or external drive for a suitable image. Click ‘OK’ when you’ve decided and then set image watermark properties. When you’re ready, assign its position as above, and you’re set with an image as a watermark.
    • Composite: You can select from existing text and image watermarks to develop a composite option. Select a name and click the ‘Add’ button. The final step is positioning, and then you’re set.
  3. Click the ‘Ok’ button to set your watermark.

Power PDF and Watermarks

Power PDF is the ideal software for small to medium businesses and individuals. The program works similar to Microsoft desktop products which means it’s easy to learn and adapt. Power PDF offers you the freedom to edit PDFs according to your requirements. Apart from easily inserting watermarks into your business documents, you can redact sensitive information, convert PDFs to other formats, and add annotations when you need them.

One of the best advantages of using Power PDF is the fact that it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac users, and you can capitalize on efficient working through accessing cloud storage. There’s a reason that this software is the number one alternative to Adobe Acrobat. You can save almost 70 percent in subscription fees over three years as opposed to paying monthly with Adobe. However, don’t take our word for it, try the 15-day trial to experience the benefits for yourself, and then you can enjoy a once-off perpetual license.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

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