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How to Add Comments in Power PDF

PDFs are excellent for many public-facing applications, but they often have key roles to play in back-office processes as well. Even creating a PDF for sharing with the public can be a long and collaborative process as multiple employees or teams work to ensure that the messaging, imagery and other elements are in harmony with the document's goals. During this process, markup tools can make the difference, allowing teams to share thoughts and pursue the best possible collaborative outcome.

Leaving comments lets users provide other collaborators with important feedback placed in the immediate vicinity of the problem area. Some tools even enable team members to add drawings to identify specific areas of concern or indicate a proposed addition.

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You can't comment and collaborate on PDFs without the right tools. Kofax Power PDF Advanced makes it easier than ever to markup PDF files during the creation and editing process. Combined with capabilities for local, on-network collaboration in real time between employees, these tools offer a straightforward path to better work, completed together. Here's what you need to know.

5 Easy Steps to Add Comments in Power PDF

Power PDF contains many kinds of commenting tools, plus additional utilities for viewing and managing all the comments in even a very large document. If you’re wondering how to add comments in a PDF, you'll find the learning curve gentle—it only takes five steps to leave a comment. Here's what to do:

  1. Open the PDF in which you want to add comments.
  2. Open the commenting ribbon by clicking "Comment" from the top menu bar.
  3. Click on the type of comment that you'd like to leave. There are some differences between each option:
    • To add a note that is only visible if a user clicks on an icon, select "Note". A sticky note tool will appear on the page.
    • To add a note that is always visible on the PDF page, select "Text Box".
    • Choose "Callout" to create a text box with an arrow that you can use to indicate a specific portion of the page.
      To place a shape as a comment, click "Draw Tools".
  4. Enter your text in the comment box or draw the shape that you wish to add to the page. Change formatting, sizing and placement options using the hand tool to finalize the location of your comment.
  5. Save the document.

Working With Comments in Power PDF

Adding comments is simple, but there are other things you can do with Power PDF to extend the usefulness of comments during collaboration:

  • Filter comments and display only a certain type of comments or those created by a particular user or reviewer for easier revisions.
  • Sort comments based on criteria to find the specific information that you need, such as comment author, type of comment, revision checkmark status, or the date on which the comment was added.
  • Search comments using a powerful search tool to locate specific phrases or words.
  • Migrate comments to a newer version of the document to continue your work. Never worry about losing review histories as you easily move comments and keep previous feedback.
  • Summarize comments and print the document with an included comment sheet. This feature lists all the comments on a sheet while retaining the comment icons within the document. Users can choose to print only comments, a single-page display with comments linked by lines, or a numbered list of comments on its own sheet.

Don't want to include the comments in the final version of the PDF? Printing without comments is the default option, but if you’ve concluded the revision process and want to wipe the comments from the document, you can flatten the PDF. From the Advanced Processing tab, click "Process" and "Flatten File". Select the comments that you wish to flatten, then press OK to automatically remove them.

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A Full-Featured PDF Editor for Modern Business

Power PDF commenting capabilities are extensive, but they are only one element of an approach that yields excellent opportunities for businesses to improve the way that they handle PDFs. Additional features that can help you save time and money while boosting employee satisfaction:

  • Built-in conversion tools and highly accurate optical character recognition that makes it easy to move documents in and out of the PDF format, including scanned paperwork.
  • Support for advanced, industry-specific functions, such as Bates numbering for the legal and healthcare sectors.
  • Rock-solid security designed with the strongest encryption in the industry so that you can protect sensitive data with ease.

Give your staff the tools that they need to succeed. See how simple it is to use these resources when you try a free 15-day trial of Power PDF today.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you